Our Stories

Jean Houston, in a speech called, “Human Choice and Human Possibility” at the Choices for the Future Symposium in 1987 asked: “Can you join your story to the larger story that is yearning to reach into you?” For people with disabilities, many of whom were still in the process of moving from institutions back to their communities, with the support of their families and friends, it was a particularly meaningful question because in those places stories were lost. We believe, with David Pitonyak, that part of our support role is helping people “hold their stories.” These are some of our stories, and you’ll find others on our facebook pages and in our blogs. Please feel free to share them, comment and send us your own.

Folks We Care About: Ottavio Campese

Trump Staff gets Well-Fed… Every week, Otto looks forward to go to work at the Trump International Hotel, as he enjoys his manager and fellow colleagues. He started working there at the end of July with two full days of … Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Daryl Dickson

Daryl Dickson wanted to introduce himself and share his story and artwork with everyone. Daryl has loved drawing and painting since he was very young and it’s an effective way for him to express himself and communicate with others as … Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Kelly Reaburn

Kelly enjoyed another summer working at the PNE and worked with his employer to switch his work duties to a better match. Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Lindsay Hong

Participating in the 10th Annual MEGA Job Fair & Business with Ease… The City of Surrey hosted the 10th Annual MEGA Job Fair on August 3rd, 2017! With a stack of resumes in hand, Lindsay Hong tackled the many job … Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Ernie Baatz

Who’s Who In Historical Collingwood Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Allan Tsang

“Allan is one of the most hard working associate in our department, I really admired his energy and he really enjoys his job.” Congratulations to Allan on passing probation at his job with TRUMP tower downtown. Continue reading

Shelley and Person Centred Planning – April 2017

Alice had started working with Karen Lai – Spectrum’s Employment Specialist – and their conversations went from big dreams to figuring out day to day events. Karen suggested that Alice might like to do a PATH to get it all on paper. Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Sam Dekker

~ In Memory ~ Sam was a kind, thoughtful, patient and funny man. He loved to walk, swim and was a very good bowler. He was independent and strong. His family loved him dearly as did many others. We will miss … Continue reading

Folks We Care About: Allan Tsang

My name is Allan and I wanted to share with you a video taken at my speed skating practice. Continue reading

Collingwood is an inclusive community – Meet Diana – Connector!

Diana is the star of a recent Renfrew Collingwood News article: From approaching businesses to providing information pamphlets, Di truly values the importance of getting to know and build a connection with other community members. Continue reading